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Pretty Words-the pull of calligraphic typeface

Style is a simple way of saying complicated things. Jean Cocteau

Watching trends rise and fall is more than a professional interest for me; trends reflect cultural moods and preferences. One vogue is what I call the “messy cursive” typeface used on everything from wedding stationery to corporate identities.  Going strong for several years now, this preference continues scrolling forward.  What is behind its popularity?

When our eyes see handwriting, something complex and essential happens inside us.  Handwriting signals that the message is important. It is personal. We slow down and focus more intensely on the words and how they are shaped. The meanings they carry are more heavily loaded than printed text.  The use of “messy cursive” typefaces are a throwback of sorts aiming to capture some of the intensity of handwriting.

Recently I heard a podcast interview with Julian Fellows on the popularity of Downton Abbey. He said that we live in disordered times and this leaves us bewildered. We are often in a grey area of behaviour and seek references that are tried and true.  So in those times of bewilderment we reach back to things that offer reassurance and for many that is the written word.

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