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Fine letterpress stationery for social, wedding and corporate use.

The Art of Handwriting

Handwritten notes and cards convey more than words. Tucked into an envelope and passed from hand to hand until they arrive at their destination, each letter is a small miracle, a reminder of the physical humanity we share with the person who receives it. Unlike email, letters are carefully saved and treasured.

Handwritten letters connect you to a tradition that includes F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jane Austen, and Ernest Hemingway.

Start with the Right Foundation

Capture attention with the elegance of letterpress, a centuries-old printing method that has retained its relevance into the twenty-first century. Business cards, wedding suites or letterhead; the look and feel of luxurious stationery adds a thoughtful element to the message you are conveying. Moments worth remembering, important messages, special events, all are elevated by the timeless luxury of letterpress. Rather than making a last minute purchase for cards, give yourself true style with a suite of Refinemark letterpress designs, ready for all occasions.

About Refine Mark

Refinemark Print Design springs from the mutual efforts and inspirations of Barbara Darrah and Laurie Darrah, sisters-in-law collaborating in Victoria, Canada. We create fine letterpress products for social, wedding and corporate use. Our RefinemarkScript, and RefinemarkPersona designs are elegant, timeless, surprising and adventurous.


We have two approaches to building a stationery collection appropriate for social or business use: RefinemarkScript and RefinemarkPersona.

RefinemarkScript offers letterpress stationery for immediate use and is sold through our exclusive newsletter and at select retailers.

RefinemarkPersona offers a personalized service for those who require a distinctive difference. Please email or call (250) 415-6148.

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