Nasty Rumors

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated – Mark Twain

Before we hammer down that last nail in its coffin let’s check again for a pulse. Our subject, letter writing, has been pronounced and proclaimed dead for decades. Is there any truth to the rumor?

Yes, statistics point to a decline in post office traffic. Electronic communications are soundly established as functional and fast alternative to posted letters but letter writing and especially hand written communication lives and breathes.

Those who are ready to pull the plug on letter writing make the mistake of identifying the process as a technology. Letter writing is not battery operated nor driven by operating systems that need constant upgrades. Letter writing is essential and organic just like us!

An expression of our basic natures, letter writing packs more emotion and humanity than any electronic alternatives. Melding our senses of smell, touch and sight and triggering emotion and memory, there is no “virtual” match for it.

But if you are feeling a bit like someone on a letter writing desert island, there is no shortage of encouragement and lifelines to buoy your spirits. Check in with Postcrossing, an online project aimed at connecting writers worldwide via postcards. Recently it celebrated its tenth anniversary.  With over half a million members in 214 countries it clearly has resonated with writers. The Letter Writers Alliance is a thriving organization using technology to promote and inspire communication by letters.  The Letter Writers Alliance members are steadfast in its mission to support all things relating to letter writing.

Long Live Letter Writing!  Make your contribution to this essential practice.

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